Francesca's painting technique consists of layering water colour and gouache in thin washes to create depth, detail and colour.

This method is time consuming but reflects her appreciation of traditional, wholly hand done illustration techniques. She aims to create pieces which evoke a sense of the old world combined with the familiarity and timelessness of nature and family.


Furniture / Interiors

Furniture / Interiors

The joy of finding old unloved, unused furniture and transforming it into something beautiful and original lies at the heart of Francesca's interior design ethos. For environmental and aesthetic purposes, In a time of mass production and uniformity, recycling what is already there, creates truly original and heartfelt homes and interiors.

(Francesca was chosen to appear on BBC 2's The Great Interior Design Challenge which airs on the 28th of October 2014).


Textiles & Dolls

Textiles & Dolls

Francesca began making soft toys when her eldest son drew a picture of an elephant with a Hawaiian print top and polka dot trousers and asked her to make what he had drawn. Many drawings and animal creations followed - all made using old, unwanted, worn out clothes and stuffed with natural/untreated sheep's wool. She now takes commissions based on other children's drawings.

The dolls are made with vintage and antique silk and lace clothing. Their faces are modelled using light weight clay with hand painted features. They can be commissioned for wedding cakes, Christmas trees, or as ornaments for a child's room or mantelpiece.

Francesca hand sews the cushion covers from antique and vintage bed sheets and table cloths and then paints onto them, freehand, using textile paints.